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11 Actors Required Unbelievable Demands Went Everyone Bananas

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Have you ever wondered what happens in the background of your favorite films and television programs? Even while we all like losing ourselves in the realm of entertainment, there’s frequently a lot more going on behind the scenes. The entertainment business is notoriously unpredictable, with last-minute screenplay revisions and unforeseen production delays. But, occasionally it’s the requests of the actors themselves that have everyone baffled.

We’ll examine some of the actors’ craziest requests made on set in more detail in this post. These tales may astound, startle, or perhaps make you laugh aloud. They’ll also give you a peek into the occasionally weird world of entertainment and the people who work in it, which is what matters most. So, buckle up and get ready to learn about 10 instances where actors made absurd demands while filming that everyone found amusing.

#1 Will Smith Ask For A Double-Story RV (And One For The Gym!)

Actor Will Smith reportedly erected not one, but two luxurious trailers in the Soho neighborhood, one of which was to house his gym equipment, according to Daily Mail Reporter. Smith has been forced to move to a parking lot since, unfortunately, the new inhabitant in their upscale neighborhood didnt impress the neighbors.

#2 George Clooney: Private Garden, Basketball Court, And Customized Beach Hut

According to Irish Central , George Clooney required a “custom-made beach hut” on the set of Gravity. It was basically a luxury home where Clooney could go during or after filming to relax on set. However, it wasn’t just Clooney who used the impressive complex, which contained a private basketball court. Bullock enjoyed the so-called hut, too, and even brought her son. Louis was a toddler at the time.

#3 Lindsay Lohan Requested The Whole 10-Men Crew To Get Naked

Lindsay used to pose nude, but as she reported she has never filmed a hot scene in as requires her to get strip. Once she came up with an blizzard idea. Here is her condition: As they’re filming, the 10-man crew must be undress to their boxers and join her in the near-buff. Initial, the crew took for a while to think about it but they ended up make things as she wishes to stripped off their clothes so they could film the sequence while their starring woman felt comfortable.

#4 Mike Myers Asked To Re-Record All Of His Lines From Scratch

When Mike Myers opted to remake all of his language in the film with a Scottish accent, four million dollars worth of animation had to be redone. In an interview with Close-Up Film, he noted that Lord Farquaad’s English accent was so upper class and snobbish that a more “working class” accent would be a stronger contrast.

#5 Gary Busey Wanted To Redesign The “Heaven”

In a scene from Quiqley (2003), Busey was supposed to make a comeback after dying in an accident and then coming back to life. He appeared on a set designed to resemble heaven and remarked, “I can’t play this scene,” after taking a look around. At this moment, they were three days behind schedule. Busey countered, “It’s not like this. It’s the wrong sofa. That mirror is a complete joke. The lack of mirrors is shocking. That was absurd. In regards to the layout of heaven, he was utterly bonkers.

#6 Arnold Schwarzenegger: Crazy Perk Package In The Contract

When it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger making a metric crap-ton of money for his role in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” one of the times when it is interesting to look more closely at the “business” side of “show business.”

#7 Prince: No Kardashian!

According to a report, the first time Prince had any contact with the Kardashians was in 2011. Kim Kardashian attended a Prince concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Because of either her fame or perhaps her good looks, she achieved every girl’s dream by being invited up on the stage with Prince. But instead of dancing as Prince wanted, Kardashian simply stood there. She attempted to clap her hands a little, but it wasn’t enough for Prince. “Get off my stage!” he yelled into the microphone.

#8 Lena Headey And Jerome Flynn: Refused To Stay In The Same Room

In real life, it seems that Lena Headey and her ex-Jerome Flynn, who played Bronn in Game of Thrones, had such a nasty breakup that they were unable to even film scenes together.

Lena and Jerome haven’t filmed together because of a terrible breakup, the article claims. She appeared to genuinely despise him.

#9 Jack Nicholson Once Asked For A Dildo And Cocaine (For Acting Purposes)

Nicholson decided to play a part in a sequence where his character and another person use a dildo to snort cocaine out of an actress’s butt in Martin Scorsese’s film “The Departed.” This sequence apparently appeared in the movie’s final cut, which was recognized with several 2007 Oscar Awards, including Best Picture.

#10 Daniel Day-Lewis Insists Everyone Call Him “Mr. President”

The particular nicknames or labels he may have received throughout the years remain unknown to the public, despite his reputation for strong attention to his parts and his method acting style. ‘You may only address him as Mr. President,’ he told TMZ Spielberg himself had to.

The famed director reportedly believed it was worthwhile to bring on the double Oscar winner, despite having to address Day Lewis as though he were actually the 16th president of the United States.

The world of entertainment can be unpredictable and sometimes even bizarre. The ten stories we’ll explore in this article will give you a glimpse into the unique and sometimes strange world of the actors who bring our favorite movies and TV shows to life.


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