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7 Actors Admitted to Using Drugs On Air

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We frequently praise actors for their skill and capacity to represent roles with realism when discussing the film business. Be there for the moviegoers. We anticipate them to give performances that immerse us in their world and enthrall us with each motion they make. We all know that acting is difficult, but some performers go above and beyond by pushing themselves to the very edge of their physical and emotional capabilities in order to produce performances that are genuinely spectacular.

What happens behind the scenes, though, is something we frequently are unaware of. What happens when the performers are left alone and the cameras are turned off? The solution may make you stomp in some situations!

You did hear correctly. Actors have been known to turn to drugs in a number of situations to help them get into character or deal with the pressure of their demanding careers. While some actors may view this as a reckless and dangerous choice, it has led to some of the most iconic performances in movie history.

Let’s look at 7 performers who allegedly used drugs while performing legendary roles on camera. These actors went above and above to bring their characters to life, using unconventional techniques like ingesting marijuana and taking medications. We’ll go into the specifics of each performance and discuss how drugs contributed to some of the most memorable on-screen moments. So buckle in and prepare to learn the surprising reality behind some of your favorite on-screen moments.

1. Matthew Perry

Mathew Perry has said that he had many problems with addiction that hurt his work on Friends and his relationships with other people. Matthew Perry once said he didn’t even remember the most iconic scenes of the series, and accused that he even did not drink as much as he was. This used to make fans can’t believe that that was their favorite actor.

2. Josh Duhamel

Josh Dulhamel revealed once he smoke right on set but he didn’t know about it til using. He recalls that time that he was about to take the very first scene of the film, and that requires he acted smoking, then he thought it just fake, and rolled the joint without any warns about that was actual cannabis. As the results, he had high so hard for hours after that. That was such an insane case

3. Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was open about the toll that drugs and mental illness took on her life throughout her lifetime. In her autobiography “Wishful Drinking,” she describes her period spent on cocaine and prescription narcotics as her lowest point. In her posthumously published memoir from 2016, she discusses how drug use helped her cope with the stress and anxiety of working on the Star Wars picture.

4. Eminem

During the making of his self-starring movie, Eminem was given Ambien. He explained that he was putting in 16-hour days and that his napping time was restricted. He claimed that the Ambien absolutely knocked him out and that he then believed he needed drugs continually. He made the decision to fill a prescription, but he also noted that he had started to divide the pill into smaller pieces in anticipation of tomorrow and that tolerance to Ambien can rise after around four to five months.

5. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has previously been transparent about his battles with substance usage. He spoke about his history of drug and alcohol use in a 2019 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that he had been sober for a year at the time.

6. Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. has been transparent about his struggles with addiction in the past. Since 2003, when he finally got sober, he’s been an activist for those struggling with substance abuse. His career was cut short by his drug addiction, which had a negative impact on his personal life as well as his professional one.

7. Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport admited that in a scene of the film ‘ True Romance’ he had got into drugs because in that scene, he had to be on the roller coaster and he stated: ‘Roller coasters aren’t my thing. They made me ride it against my will, and I became sick, so we had to do the scene a week later. When I went back a second time, I was drugged. There are photos of me laughing and smiling because I was so high, and another in which I was weeping because I believed I would throw up’


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