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8 Untold Tales of How Stars Mistreated Their Assistants

by Pmies Jennie
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Have you ever thought about what it might be like to work for a famous person? Some people may have the impression that it’s a glamorous profession, but that’s not always the case. In reality, many famous people have been documented mistreating their workers in horrifying ways. Eight shocking tales of celebrities’ terrible treatment of their staff members are revealed here. These accounts reveal the seedier side of celebrity culture, where fans can go from demanding the impossible to publicly embarrassing their favorite stars. Whether or not you admire these stars, you won’t believe how they’ve treated their staff.

Here are 17 juicy tales from former personal assistants to celebrities.

1. Naomi Campbell

It’s common knowledge that working with Naomi Campbell, the supermodel is a living hell for everybody involved. Campbell reportedly threw a phone at her assistant in 2001, as reported by People. The model “grabbed her by the arms and threw her down on a couch,” the assistant said. In February of 2000, Campbell acknowledged to yet another assault charge, this time against a coworker.

2. Courtney Love

Former assistant Jessica Labrie filed a lawsuit against Courtney Love. The musician was accused of “an inappropriate and evil purpose amounting to malice or filthy behavior,” as reported by Rolling Stone. For no additional compensation, Labrie “worked over 60-hour weeks” and “was forced to recruit a computer hacker” and “was pressed to prepare false legal letters.”

3. Lady Gaga

In 2013, Jennifer O’Neill, a former Lady Gaga assistant, sued the singer for unpaid overtime. While she never had a hotel room while on tour and was in charge of attending to Lady Gaga’s requirements at all times, O’Neill stated in court that she was expected to be present at all times and “often slept in the same bed” with the singer.

4. Jennifer Lopez

According to reports, Gawker listed the following qualities as must-haves for her perfect assistant: “The candidate must be cool under fire, resilient, and resourceful while operating in unexpected circumstances.” No vacations are allowed… Without the presence of the butler, you will be responsible for all domestic duties. You should be aware of J. Lo’s snacking habits. She won’t tell you she’s hungry, so don’t bother asking. Hence, you’d better have some food ready for her.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Perez Hilton, a celebrity gossip website, claims that when Lindsay Lohan’s assistant Gavin Doyle helped her secure a bailout, Lohan threw Doyle out of a moving car. She apparently tried to pin an earlier automobile accident on Doyle, as reported by Trendingbiz. According to her account to law enforcement, he was operating the vehicle at the time of the collision.

6. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has a very bad reputation among her employees. Stone is accused of telling former employee Angelica Castillo that she “would have to come in to work that day,” despite physicians’ orders that she “undertake a restricted period of bed rest,” as stated in court documents acquired by Radar. The actress allegedly branded Castillo “crazy and uneducated” when he stated he was still in pain four months later.

7. Katherine Heigl

There’s a rumor going around that Heigl wouldn’t record any scenes until her pregnant assistant went out and purchased her a Coke Zero for the set of “27 Dresses.” After the cameras stopped rolling, she wouldn’t have lunch with anyone or talk to them.

8. Christian Bale

After nearly eleven years as Christian Bale’s assistant, Harrison Cheung wrote Christian Bale: The Hidden Tale of the Darkest Batman. While Christian was out filming, he asked me to keep an eye on his five cats and any wandering possums in the backyard. I’d do anything for Christian, from buying extra socks to checking his armpits for body odor before the red carpet. Christian’s responsibilities could include attending film festivals or simply watching him surf.

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