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16 Badly Embarrassing, Humiliating Moments of A-List Celebrities

by Pmies Jennie
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In the world of celebrities, we all think they must be like aliens, with everything being perfect. But is this true when you’re not the one around them? Because only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. However, the 9 embarrassing secrets I’m about to tell will make you can’t believe in your eye but it’s true from the very stars’s assistants revealed

1. Khloé Kardashian

One assistant of Khloe Kardashian once revealed that Khloe is not as tidy and organized as it appears, and that Khloe does not make an effort to keep it that way. Anytime there’s a camera running around, she always commands housekeepers to make all things in her house likely clean and attractive.

2. Jennifer Lawrence falls down a lot

One of the most well-known incidents occurred during the 2013 Academy Awards, where she tripped on her dress while walking up the stairs to accept her Best Actress award for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook.” She also fell while filming “The Hunger Games” franchise, but was not seriously injured.

3. Warren Beatty’s Best Picture Oscars mix-up

At the 2017 Oscars, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced “La La Land” as the winner for Best Picture, but it was actually “Moonlight” that won. The producers and cast of “La La Land” took to the stage to accept the award and began delivering their acceptance speeches. However, moments later, it became clear that there had been a mistake, and the producers of “La La Land” were informed that “Moonlight” was, in fact, the actual winner of Best Picture. The mistake was due to Beatty being given the wrong envelope. The incident caused a media sensation and changed the ceremony’s procedures.

4. Mike Tyson’s fall from a hoverboard

The former heavyweight boxing champion posted a video on social media in 2015 in which he rode a self-balancing two-wheeled scooter known as a “hoverboard.” In the video, Tyson rides the hoverboard with assurance for a little period of time before he inevitably loses his footing, tumbles off, and lands on his back. The video went viral, and soon everyone knew the joke.

5. Michael Keaton misspoken ‘Hidden Fences’

Michael Keaton made a terrible error during a presentation at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards when he accidentally merged the names of two films with primarily black casts, referring to them as “Hidden Fences” rather than “Hidden Figures” and “Fences.” Social media was ablaze with criticism of Keaton for what they saw as a racially offensive error following this blunder. Keaton later apologized profusely, admitting his mistakes and explaining that it was the result of fatigue and haste.

6. Madonna’s cape fail

The incident occurred when Madonna was scheduled to have her cape forcefully yanked off of her during the performance of “Living for Love,” but this did not happen. Madonna was dragged backward and off the stage because the cloak wasn’t properly untied and she couldn’t get it off.
She came back and kept performing with professionalism and fortitude. The event went viral and was covered extensively in the press.

7. Zac Efron’s moment at The Lorax’s premiere

During the premiere of “The Lorax” in 2012, actor Zac Efron had put his in the spot when he accidentally dropped a condom on the red carpet after pulling his hand out of his pocket. The incident caused a stir in the media. However, Efron handled the situation gracefully, using the attention to promote safe sex. He later joked about the incident during an appearance on “The Today Show,” saying, “I never really had a pocket-checking policy before going on the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one.”

8. Ariana Grande licks a doughnut

In 2015, a security camera video of Ariana Grande and a friend visiting a doughnut store in California surfaced. Grande may be seen in the video licking numerous doughnuts that were on display when the worker’s back was turned. She also made some contentious comments about her disdain for America and Americans. The video sparked outrage in the media, prompting Grande to issue a public apology, apologizing for her actions and for offending anyone with her remarks. Grande’s performance at the White House was canceled as a result of the event, which also harmed her public image.

9. Julianne Hough in blackface

Julianne Hough attended a Halloween party wearing a costume inspired by the TV series “Orange is the New Black,” and she chose to dress up as the character Crazy Eyes played by Uzo Aduba. However, she faced criticism for painting her face black to resemble the character’s skin tone. She has received various criticisms for her outfit on Twitter, later issued an apology, saying she had no intention of offending anyone.

10. The hands-on Robin Thicke

The 2013 smash hit “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke was met with criticism for lyrical and visual content some regarded as supporting sexism and rap culture. Other events involving Thicke, such as his grabbing a fan’s behind and his divorce from actress Paula Patton, also garnered criticism and bad press attention.

11. James Franco on the Instagram

After allegedly attempting to meet up with a 17-year-old Scottish fan named Lucy whom he had contacted online, James Franco was embroiled in a social media scandal. Franco originally denied the encounter after Lucy revealed her direct messages and texts with him online, but eventually acknowledged it, stating that the circumstance was “tricky.” Franco was promoting his movie “Palo Alto,” in which he played a soccer coach who starts dating a teenage girl, at the time.

12. John Travolta says ‘Adele Dazeem’

At the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony, John Travolta was a person who would introduce Idina Menzel before she performed the song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. However, when he pronounced her name, it came out as “Adele Dazeem,”. Travolta later explained that he had been given the wrong name on the teleprompter and had not had time to rehearse properly. Despite the embarrassment, Menzel was gracious about the incident and even joked about it in subsequent interviews and performances. The incident quickly went viral on social media, and Menzel’s name became a trending topic.

13. Ryan Lochte

In August 2016, American Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and three other U.S. swimmers claimed that they had been robbed at gunpoint while in Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympics. The incident caused a media frenzy and became known as “Lochtegate.” Lochte was later charged with filing a false report of a crime, and he was suspended from professional swimming for 10 months as a result of the incident.

14. Lena Dunham says something stupid

In 2014, Lena Dunham made a controversial statement during which she joked about not having had an abortion but wishing she had to better understand the experience. Dunham later referred to this comment as “a distasteful joke” from a “‘delusional girl’ persona.”

Two years later, in 2016, Dunham faced criticism again after making racially insensitive comments about NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. during an interview with Amy Schumer. Following the backlash, Dunham took to social media to apologize for her remarks. It’s safe to say that She should be careful about her words rather than say sorry after all what she has said.

15. Hilary Duff gives a lecture on appropriating other cultures

After posting photos of herself and her baby dressed up for Halloween in 2020, actress and singer Hilary Duff received criticism online. Duff went as the “Sexy Ninja” from the popular anime series “Naruto,” and her child dressed as someone from the cast.

Many people felt that Duff had taken cultural features from Japan without permission by donning the offensive and inappropriate garb.

Duff posted an Instagram statement in which she apologized for the criticism and expressed regret for any harm she may have caused.

16. Locker room chat between Billy Bush and Donald Trump

In 2005, Trump was caught on tape by Access Hollywood contributor Billy Bush using vulgar language.

In 2016, during Trump’s presidential campaign, the footage was leaked and generated a scandal known as “Pussygate.” There were accusations that an NBC employee had released the audio in an effort to damage Trump’s presidential campaign, which led to Bush’s dismissal.

Trump and Bush both received criticism as a result of the episode, but Bush took the greater hit.

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