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How Kate Middleton Has Honored Princess Diana’s Iconic Style

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Kate Middleton is known for her exquisite sense of style, and her wardrobe choices frequently make headlines. However, many people are unaware that the Duchess of Cambridge has paid several tributes to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, through her dress choices. Kate has repeatedly reflected Diana’s distinctive style in subtle yet profound ways, from gowns to jewels.

Let’s take a deeper look at how Kate Middleton has honored Princess Diana through her dress choices. We’ll look at some of the most notable ways Kate has inspired the late Princess of Wales, from her famed sapphire engagement ring to her fondness of polka dots and lace. So, if you like the royal family or just like fashion, keep reading to find out how Kate has carried on Diana’s style tradition.

Diana’s dress was designed by Catherine Walker, who became one of her favorite designers. The dress featured a one-shoulder design, much like the white gown Princess of Wales appeared At this year’s BAFTA Awards.

In 2012, Kate Middleton wore a red, full-length gown to a state banquet that was compared to a dress worn by Princess Diana to a similar event in 1985. Both dresses featured a sweetheart neckline and lace detailing, showcasing Kate’s tribute to Diana’s timeless style.

In 2011, Kate Middleton wore a gorgeous black velvet gown at an occasion, evoking Lady Diana’s sophisticated style at London’s Goldsmith’s Hall in 1981. Who has the better appearance?

At the Royal Variety Performance in 2021, Kate Middleton donned a dress with sea green sequins, similar to one worn by Princess Diana in 1986. The dress caught a lot of people’s eyes with its fitting shape and beautiful sequin details. Kate’s homage to Princess Diana’s style continues to inspire fashionistas around the globe.

Kate Middleton was spotted at a function in February 2023 wearing a red houndstooth coat. The garment appeared to be a modern take on Princess Diana’s 1991 outfit.

Kate paid homage to Lady Di’s ageless design sense by recreating Diana’s 1983 outfit. The reproduction was a tribute to Diana’s exceptional fashion sense, but both looked gorgeous in the royal blue gown and matching blue cap, which included pin-tucked sleeves.

It is not surprising that Kate Middleton was influenced by Princess Diana’s enduring wardrobe choices. Middleton’s selection of a white and blue floral dress reminiscent to one Diana wore in 1989 demonstrates her love for Diana’s sense of style and her wish to honor her legacy.

An obvious example of this is Kate’s decision to wear a pink dress to the 2017 Trooping the Colour Parade that mirrored the one Lady Diana wore during her Australian tour in 1983. Kate’s love of Diana’s fashion sense was evident, and so was her own, in this dress.

At the 2022 Royal Ascot, Kate Middleton paid honor to Princess Diana’s sense of style by recreating Diana’s polka dot ensemble from the 1988 occasion. Both of their clothes were lovely variations on a same theme.

Kate’s personal touch to the gown was a fitting tribute to Diana’s style while also demonstrating the lasting impact Diana had on fashion and how her style continues to inspire and influence designers to this day.

And this time, Kate wore a white coat dress to Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015 that looked a lot like Princess Diana’s outfit from her trip to the Isle of Wight in 1985.

Princess Catherine wore a stunning floral costume to her 2017 visit to Kensington Palace, which appears to have been inspired by Diana’s wedding rehearsal dress at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1981.

This make us remind of a coat Lady Di wore in the 1990s when Princess Catherine wore a lovely pink Mulberry coat in 2015 when visiting the Stephen Lawrence Center in London.

Kate’s gorgeous red sequined dress for the royal Christmas festivities in 2022 was another beautiful illustration of inspiration and a tribute to Diana’s costume from 1984.







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