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10+ Actors Showcasing Their Best Improv Skills During Interviews

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Living in the spotlight, celebrities understand how important it is to be mindful of their words and actions in public, especially before an interview in which they demonstrate their brilliance, fast thinking, and capacity to change on the go. Navigating the perilous terrain of interviews can be difficult as they encounter a variety of sensitive inquiries that can potentially lead to awkward moments.

Celebrities frequently receive significant media training behind the scenes in order to prepare for interviews. They learn the art of deft redirection, as well as the power of properly chosen words and their impact on public image. These are the best actresses, capable of handling such situations with grace, intellect, and finesse.

Scarlett Johansson wasn’t taken off guard by a question about underwear

The incident involving Scarlett Johansson during an interview dedicated to the release of The Avengers serves as a prime example of how celebrities handle sensitive questions with finesse and intelligence. When asked about whether she wore any undergarments under her latex costume, Johansson’s response was both assertive and direct, effectively putting the interviewer in their place.

By stating, “You’re the fifth person who’s asking me this,” She is just

Jonah Hill made it clear that he wasn’t interested in talking about his weight

During Jonah Hill’s press conference, a reporter couldn’t stop asking him about his weight loss. Hill replied that he just decided to start leading a healthy lifestyle, but the reporter continued, “Are you still considered a fat guy when you go to a party or anything?” Hill was taken aback by the question, but he smiled and asked, “Do you have any other smarter questions?”

Anne Hathaway clearly didn’t want to discuss her body

The host of an interview with Anne Hathaway about the film The Dark Knight Rises was very interested in her Catwoman costume, so he asked, “The form-fitting costume of Catwoman requires a perfect body.” Tell me about your fitness routine—diet, exercise, and the like. Hathaway initially made attempts to signal to her interviewer that she was uninterested in the topic at hand. She joked that Batman’s costume was more uncomfortable than hers because it covered the actor’s ears.

But the host continued to push the topic forward. Eventually, the actress was obviously fed up with these questions and asked in return, “Are you trying to lose weight? So, what gives? You are stunning! She insisted, “We have to talk about this,” when the host tried to dissuade her. Do you fancy yourself a cat burglar? It’ll be a good 10 months before we see results.

Paris Hilton mentioned stalking as one of the frightening consequences of fame during an interview. She went on to say that she was tired of being portrayed as a “silly blonde with a childish voice.”

The reporter then shifted gears and questioned if she envy Kim Kardashian’s fame. Even after being told “no,” he persisted, eventually asking, “Do you ever worry that your moment has passed?” After realizing there was no point in staying and talking, Hilton got up and left.

Celine Dion put the TV host down after she asked her an impolite question

While speaking with Celine Dion, a popular TV show host picked up a magazine and showed the singer’s family photo, which included her young son, and said, “Look at him, he’s beautiful, but look at his hair.” “When are you going to get your hair cut?”

“You know, people will always find something to be unhappy about,” Celine responded quickly. If I give him a short haircut, everyone will wonder, ‘Why so short?'” The host immediately changed the subject and began discussing music.

Jason Momoa knows that humor can neutralize any criticism

Even athletes like Jason Momoa are not immune to fat shaming. When some Internet users began to shame the actor for having a “dad bod,” journalists immediately informed Momoa.

Momoa didn’t take long to come up with a clever response. “If you’re patient enough, I’ll proudly put more dad bod on display shortly,” he promised.

Emma Stone didn’t let reporters devalue her achievements

Emma Stone was asked, “Do you feel like owing Emma Watson a drink or dinner to thank her for turning down the role in the film?” after she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in La La Land. The reporter chose to be hostile when discussing the rumor that Watson was the frontrunner for the part.

Stone responded with elegance despite her obvious shock: “Oh my gosh, you know what? I am really proud of her. She tops the list. They call her Belle. Right? Everything seems fine to me, I guess. I think she’s great. The same sources indicate that Watson passed up the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast in favor of appearing in La La Land.

Emily Blunt is not that easy to corner

A reporter chose to bring up the old interview with Blunt shortly after the premiere of Edge of Tomorrow, in which she co-starred with Tom Cruise. She stated in 2005, “I would sooner take terribly paid theater engagements for the rest of my life than ever taking a position as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie.”

In a subsequent interview, the journalist brought up the incident, and the celebrity responded, “That is so funny.” At least I don’t have to carry a spear around, right? When she later praised Tom Cruise’s acting, she said so in a way that suggested attitudes can shift over time.

Mariah Carey decided against accepting a dubious compliment

A reporter approached Mariah Carey on the red carpet at an awards show and gave her a strange compliment: “Everyone reports that you gained weight.” Absolutely not. You’re gorgeous!

Without a moment of confusion, the singer shot back, “Who says that? You? It must be true because you said so.

Sandra Bullock knows how to laugh off awkward questions

In an interview for her upcoming film The Proposal, Sandra Bullock’s presenter remarked, “The main difference between now and the last time you were here is that I’ve now seen you naked.”

The actress professed her deepest apologies. “How was your night of rest following that?” I tried to change the subject, but the host kept bringing it up, culminating in the question, “Did I mention you had a nude scene in the movie?” Bullock joked that she would never return to his studio again.

Dakota Johnson was asked about the missing gap in her teeth, and she definitely knew what to say in return

They want to know why the gap in your teeth is no longer there,” Jimmy Fallon said to Dakota Johnson on his show.

“Well, the fact that this is a newsworthy thing in the globe right now is really bizarre to me,” the actress said with a chuckle. But, Fallon persisted on an answer, so the actress revealed that she had worn a permanent retainer from the age of 13; the device caused her neck trouble, so she eventually had it removed. She continued, “I’m sad about my tooth gap too. So please respect my need for silence at this time.


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