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Best swim spas for $15,000 or under?

Best swim spas for $15,000 or under?

08 September 2020

Best swim spas for $15,000 or under?

travis: Artesian. Tidal fit.

laura: love our Tidal Fit

lisa: Laura and travis which model do you have and how long have you had it? I hadn’t heard of them till this group. I talked to a rep Friday. It’s as knits 1/2 the c it at if the brands I’ve been looking at and that makes me nervous…but it would make a dual zone possible which excites me!

laura: we live in CT. We bought a Tidal Fit EP 14 we bought it in June of 2019. I based my purchase on the entry location, cost, and price!

lisa: thank you for the info! Have you had it a full year? Any issues? Anything you’d do differently?

laura: Lisa, I really wanted it semi in ground. I was talked out of it, due to potential water freezing under it and causing damage. (my only regret) we have now had it for 14 months. The touch screen is a funny thing! The mist that comes off the water causes it to do its own thing! I can be swimming and a water droplet changes the speed or turns on the water fall! A towel/ swim cap over it solved this problem.
Our only issue was a tropical storm a few weeks ago. Half the cover ripped off and broke lift bar and put a hole on outside cabinet.
We wanted a pool, we looked at in-ground and above. We live in CT it get cold you can only see a “regular pool” 3 1/2 months out of the year.
This we use 365!
Still big enough for my teens to have 6-7 friends over and still can float 2 people on a raft.
We a few houses from the beach. I love jumping in after the beach and floating!

lisa: thank you for such a thorough response. I’m in MI and we’ve got cold here too! how loud is it? We’re thinking about putting it here, outside our bedroom window. Photo taken from my bedroom window. Spa to go along the deck where the rocks/fern s are.

Photo taken from my bedroom window. Spa to go along the deck where the rocks/fern s are

Photo taken from my bedroom window. Spa to go along the deck where the rocks/fern s are

brenda: SPA Manufacturers Inc.

kat: Second on Spa Manufacturers they’re out of Florida and great people to work with, super nice, and great prices.

dean: how long have you had your swim spa?

kat: Dean, we ended up installing an above ground pool outside and a small exercise pool inside. I worked with them on getting a swim spa but we ended up not being able to afford to do all the work at the time because we would have had to upgrade our whole electrical panel including new lines underground to connect higher amp service in order to accommodate the 220 direct wired connection, in addition to concrete work that was around $3500 and the swim spa at $15k just put it out of range for us for now (because we won’t go in debt for luxury items, we like to be able to pay cash up front) a swim spa is in our future but for now I have an AGP outdoors and an exercise pool indoors. I just worked with them to figure out everything involved and honestly couldn’t recommend them highly enough based on the service I was provided. They were friendly and accommodating.

dean: Kat thank you for the information!


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