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Did your home owners insurance go up when you built your pool? If so, how much?

Did your home owners insurance go up when you built your pool? If so, how much?

18 September 2020

Did your home owners insurance go up when you built your pool? If so, how much? What city do you live in?

rose: Mine did not under my original umbrella policy but if you want extra coverage more than what you have it will.

katie: Ours did not as long as we didn’t get a diving board, so we went with a slide instead.

rick: katie oh WOW mine in SC just the opposite.

kim: We’re in N. Texas and ours didn’t go up, and the increase to our property taxes was negligible.

nichole: Call your agent. It depends on your current coverage amount compared to the cost of your pool. The only way to know is to call your agent.

jared: Agent here. In Texas it does not change your insurance rates. All that is required is a fence around it.

layna: yep.

rick: Or around the yard no problem it has to be 48 inches minimum high mine is 48.

bro: $35.

zach: Get an umbrella policy. It will cost you a few hundred a year.

bren: I’m in Wisconsin. Mine went up $20 a year. No slide or diving board and the auto cover made a huge difference.

chi: I check and our insurance will stay the same with adding a pool. They will drop us if we add a slide lol. But property tax is another story.

bri: Not ours. Some take several factors into account (safety gate, screen enclosure, diving board, etc).

jai: We have a diving board and a slide. It was here when we bought the house but our homeowners is actually less than our previous house. I’m in NY.

layna: Ours did not, but we increased our value in case something happened to our pool (damage from falling tree, etc.) so it did go up a little bit. I should note, I live in Texas.

adam: No in Indiana.

kristen: $300 a year. Includes umbrella policy.

cha: not really…we have a 6 ft fence around it and a diving board. We were told a slide would make it go up (risk factor from climbing and falling off onto concrete.)

rob: Cha that’s why we did the diving board. I thought for sure the board would be more insurance wise but to our surprise is was the slide that was way worse in premiums.

rick: Same here no slide I did get rid of diving board it kept cracking.

jen: I’m in SoCal – ours went up $75 a year.

alex: I have sold insurance for Allstate for 20 years. We do not charge more for a pool, slide, diving board ect.. I would recommend buying a personal umbrella policy in case something does happen though. They are around $300 a year in my area.

john: Mine did not got up either.. I did get a $500,000 umbrella policy for next to nothing.

char: $8 a year without diving board in TN.

suzan: No increase, in fact my broker found us a new policy that is $600/ year cheaper with increased coverage.

lisa: Ours didn’t go up for liability per se but I increased the amount of other structures replacement value so that it would be covered fully in case of catastrophe. I pay $100 more per year for the pool and shed.

eliz: I checked with my agent. He said it won’t go up unless I add a diving board.

mike: Agent told me $50 a year for the added liability in Pa. No diving board and no slide. Already have an umbrella policy, but for $50 just added more coverage.

susan: We went and discussed with ours and she assured us it wouldn’t change a thing since we had the max and and umbrella on ours already. I was shocked because I figured adding one would change it. We are in northeast Tennessee.

sue: Our pool was here when we bought our house 9 years ago, but our homeowner’s insurance wouldn’t insure us if we left the diving board intact. Needless to say, it’s gone! (we live in southeast MI)

mill: In NJ. My home owners went up $7 a month (upgraded to 1M) and property tax went up $500 for the year.

angela: Not in MD. State Farm Ins co said there’s no box to check for pool. BUT we will double our umbrella policy to $2m for nominal fee.

steve: Nope, we already have an umbrella policy. It would only go up if we increased the coverage amounts.

melis: I moved into a pool house. No change in price with having a pool or a diving board, it’s Country Financial. The price is the price. I do have a rider on top to give more coverage but that’s more about other things than our pool.

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