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How to Close a Pool for the Winter?

How to Close a Pool for the Winter?

11 September 2020

My least favorite day of the year!

Pool Closing 🙂

How to Close a Pool for the Winter?

How to Close a Pool for the Winter?

How to Close a Pool for the Winter?

How to Close a Pool for the Winter?

dawn: Michigan upstate?

mili: yikes.

rebecca: minnesota.

hayley: I’m in Minnesota too, first year with a pool and I’m so sad it’s going to close soon. Looking at last September there were so many warm 80+ degree days , this year maybe mid 70’s next week and that’s it 😢 I’m scheduled to close 30th but might bring it forward.

rebecca: Yes, last year we had some great September days! But we had better weather this summer!

hayley: I guess yes that’s also true! Tho we didn’t get our pool in & the water good till towards the end of July!

rebecca: At least you were one of the lucky ones to get it done this year. I hear the wait list is out to 2022 for some MN companies!

valeri: I’m closing next week.

step: but why would anyone choose to live in such a cold climate.

rebeca: FAMILY???? But seriously… I don’t know!

anne: Wow already? I’m in South Dakota and don’t close until mid October.

eli: South Louisiana we never close.

bret: Yup closed this weekend . Only get 3 months out of the pool.

zoomi: In DFW Texas. Pool still being used although covers on at night.

tanya: NH and it’s closing this weekend.
This year is particularly hard because it made covid quarantine with 3 littles manageable.

andy: Can you share your dimensions (not including the steps) please? On the schedule to get something similar installed and want to get an idea for ours using yours as a reference. Thanks!

andy: I have no clue!! We bought the house with the pool already installed! I can go measure it myself…. BRB!

pool dimensions

pool dimensions

andy: thank you! Quite a bit larger than ours but gives me a good idea. I really appreciate it!

rebeca: We love it!!!! Great areas for kids and adults! The different depths are great! Basketball hoop and volleyball net!

patty: 6 days and counting.

ricki: Mine is still warm enough to swim.

jill: We keep ours open until mid Oct. Minnesota weather is crazy and we have hope we can pop in for another swim. It was either 2017 or 2018 when Oct hit the 90’s. Here’s to hoping!

rebeca: Yes, previous years we closed the first week in October… But heating 50,000 gallons gets spendy when the temps drop into the 40’s overnight and no cover! We even have both gas and electric heater.

jill: ahh yes! We have an auto cover so that helps us. We had our pool at 95 on Sunday night. It was awesome. I’m not going to think it’s awesome when we see that Xcel bill.

rebeca: Yes, Im always nervous to see a comma!

stacy: This is almost exactly like our pool, size, shape and all. Where did you get your L shaped cover?

rebeca: it came with the house!

stacy: I was so excited to finally see someone with a cover that I need lol.

rebeca: what does your pool look like?

stacy: It was just completed about 2 weeks ago.

Pool ideas

Pool ideas

rebeca: i wonder if you could do an auto cover!!! You have a lot of space.

stacy: hmmm maybe. Not sure if I want to pay for the auto cover but that would be soooo nice.

rebeca: i really wish we could!!! Its a beast to cover it!

stacy: I can only imagine.

julie: What a beautiful pool! We will have to close ours soon as well. We’re in Michigan.

kim: Same here, in Michigan too.

brenda: Mine too though my Boxer walked out took one look and ran in a big circle on the cover and came back with a huge smile!! He thinks it’s his personal 18×36 water bed!

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