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My Swimming Pool : Dusk is one of my favorites times in the backyard

My Swimming Pool : Dusk is one of my favorites times in the backyard

01 September 2020

Dusk is one of my favorites times in the backyard.

Love watching the sun go down and the solar lights start popping on. Very serene.

My Swimming Pool : Dusk is one of my favorites times in the backyard

My Swimming Pool : Dusk is one of my favorites times in the backyard

vita: We always have too many mosquitoes to enjoy night swimming. Lucky you.

donna: Beautiful 🥰. Pls tell me more about the solar lights along your fence line. Thx!

matt: Best solar lights I’ve ever had. LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights 2-in-1 Wireless Outdoor Solar Landscaping Light for Yard Garden Driveway Porch Walkway Pool Patio 6 Pack Warm White. link

suze: do they look more on the incandescent side or more led? The picture makes them look incandescent which is what I like more.

matt: More incandescent. I had the cold white ones at first and switched to the warm yellow for just that reason.

kim: do they need much sunlight?

matt: Yes. I have full sun for a good portion of the day.

cara: I avoid dusk due to mosquitos the size of cicadas.

lori: Looks like a resort- beautiful!

will: Beautiful! Would love your input on solar lights you have been happy with!!

matt: Just posted above. I’ve been using these for about a year or so (even before the pool) and they’re awesome!

hayley: Very pretty! We get mossies- unfortunately !

suze: Beautiful! Did you put one light between each plant? Is the light pointing straight up or at an angle at the plant? I have plants just like on my fence and looking to light them

matt: Yup, one in between each. They are just slightly angled to catch some more sun.

patric: This would be my forever vacation destination.

heidi: Where did you get the table with the umbrella? Are they separate?

matt: I built the table around a regular umbrella on a stand. The wind kept knocking it over, so I put 2 50 lb bags of sand on the umbrella base and built the table around it to match the wall we have blocking our pool equipment.

heidi: that’s really cool but I meant the 1 in the pool.

matt: Whoops. 😂 Yes, the one in the pool is separate too. We got the attachment at 5 and Below. It has 4 cup holders.

sandi: I want to put a heater in my pool. Is gas better than electric?

matt: We have a natural gas heater, so I can’t speak to electric. I know there are lots of posts on this topic that may be more useful to you.

don: Perfection. How big is your pool? Fiberglass?

matt: Thank you! It’s 32×16 gunite with StoneScapes surface.

don: just fantastic. Enjoy.

tracy: Your uplifting looks really nice. Is that solar too?

Matt: The lights along the fence?

john: That’s a beautiful space!
I am the same way. That’s a great way to wind down.

nicole: Beautiful! Mind if I save this photo? We’re building and want a pool area and so far this is the one my husband likes most.

matt: I don’t mind at all. Glad it can help you find some inspiration.

ashley: We also have the umbrella hole.. did you put something in it to hold the umbrella?

matt: Nope, the umbrella just sits in the sleeve they put in on the tanning ledge.

ashley: hmmm ours wobbles. Do you know how big they made the hole?

matt: It’s a standard sleeve. It wobbles in the wind for sure, but typically not enough to knock a drink over.

jake: It’s a nice time to be out.
We are in Spring, TX backed up to a wooded green space so we get bats at dusk. So cool to watch them flying around.

dana: I have looked everywhere for that beautiful shade of yellow for cushions! Never did find!

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