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My Swimming Pool – Water is Nice and Cool – Houston

My Swimming Pool – Water is Nice and Cool – Houston

12 September 2020

My Swimming Pool – Water is Nice and Cool – Houston. Last unofficial day of summer and nobody felt like swimming today but me. That’s ok. Enjoying some 80s music, drinking a beer and floating by myself. (Bonus: Rained yesterday so water is nice and cool—Houston, TX).

Swimming Pool Ideas : We did stamped dyed concrete

julie: Sounds awesome. We took a swim today too. Hampton, VA.

chris: What color plaster is that? Looks awesome.

kat: Glad you got some alone time to enjoy it!

april: Looks amazing! Can I be nosy and ask how much was the pool?

russell: around $50k but that also included a new patio cover.

michel: Beautiful pool & landscaping!

chris: I’m in Texas too, Katy.

maria: hey, Im in Katy as well!! Pool was completed 1 week ago and I’m a little bummed that it’s been raining/thundering and not hellish hot anymore! 🤷🏽‍♀️ looking forward to next summer!! Until when do you guys swim?

christi: awww, we leave it open and swim all year. In winter we use more the hot tub. But will occasionally heat up the pool as well.

paige: I spent yesterday in my pool in Sugarland TX by myself. Not closing the pool any time. We just built our pool and I’m loving every minute of it!

maria: Post video for us to enjoy.

ricki: I swim by myself nearly 100% of the time no problem my neighbors have a pool and they are out there alot.

ricki: I’ll swim till It gets cool its still warm and hot in SC.

My swimming pool

My swimming pool

ricki: Top photo when Furniture out to be painted.

mario: Water park.

layna: I actually prefer to swim by myself!🤣 Your pool is beautiful btw.

silke: My son just swam after school but wasn’t in there long. I’m in Texas as well.

chris: It’s about to get colder.

rusel: not here for a while.

chris: hitting us in ATX now.

amy: I don’t even know the temp of our pool but here in WI we’ve gotten cold. We’ve had a fire warming up the house three days in a row now. Almost time to close the pool up for the winter.

rusel: we got a cold front in Houston. It’s only 82 today.

josh: I hope you played Moving in Stereo Russell incidentally this is precisely how I enjoy my pool.

My Swimming Pool - Water is Nice and Cool - Houston

My Swimming Pool – Water is Nice and Cool – Houston


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