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What temperature do you set your pool at?

What temperature do you set your pool at?

30 August 2020

What temperature do you set your pool at?

sara: 87 F.

brad: Whatever Gawd intends for the day…. aka… my broke butt will be getting a heater/cooler.

char: 95, start in am so by late afternoon into evenings it’s perfect swimming temp.

amanda: 90-92 here.

chris: omg. . Mine is like that naturally in fla.

amanda: I live in Florida. Mine runs 86 without the solar heater. That’s fine on a hot day but too chilly in the evenings for me..

chris: true. . 90 92 is perfect for the nights!!

sarah: I’d say 86-87 is perfect, but we’ve already dumped so much $$ into it this year that we’ve only turned it on once (to 83). Northeast OH.

liz: us too! But I also wanted to see an electric bill without it first! Lol.

omar: NE Ohio here also. We increased it from 85 to 87 this year. We use a solar cover nightly. lose 1 or 2 degrees. Temperature is usually 88 or 89 degrees daily with the sun. Have barely run the heater this summer with all the hot weather..

mike: 85. Refreshing when its hot, warm when it cools down..

cory: 85-87 is perfect ! Fortunately my pool is always in direct sun light . So I have not turned my heater on one single time this year! It will cool to around 82 or so in the evening , but as soon as the sun starts hitting the water it quickly rises to 87 ! 87 is very refreshing.

cara: We haven’t used the heater since April, but 90 is the best. We are sitting at 90-92 in north Texas with just the sun..

thomas: Central Tx all our pools are 88-92. No heat needed this time of year.
Actually have people looking at chillers..

rachel: Oh my, mine is 82-84. I dont want bath water.

nachi: In Massachusetts, the pool is at 75, I have the heater set at 84..

vicki: From Texas I can’t imagine running a heater in the summer.

dirk: I run one to start the summer in March. How often do you have to add water to your pool?

vicki: I don’t have a pool yet. I have a hot tub and have auto filler on it or it would need a couple of inches added every day in the summer.

dirk: cool that’s kinda of what we are going though. Have hot tub also should probably add the auto fill. here is mine.

My swimming pool

My swimming pool

jean: Use a pool chiller to keep it cool enough.

ang: California Summer (central valley)- we like ours around 75.

jac: 85 in PA has been great this summer- but it’s been hot. Last summer it was all over the place with air temps and we kept it closer to 88/90..

sj: If it’s hot outside and sunny, we chill down to 83. If it’s under 80 degrees outside, we heat it up to 89-90! If it’s low 70’s or below out, we may go to 90-something! And we have big fluffy robes!

joey: 85.. 87 ‘ e gitmek istiyorum.. Şu anda sıcaklığı ayarlıyorum… Ama gaz faturasından korkuyorum.

klaus: I’m in Florida, my wife loves it at 95 degrees no matter time of year. It’s what I call piss water lol .. on a summer day I like it at 85-89 or winter the same or hotter.

kath: 83-86 is my sweet spot nut I’ll swim in my pool from 63° to 90°+ I just enjoy it more between 80-86 lol. I live in Northeast Wisconsin. Cold water swimming is actually awesome for your immune system, and you burn more calories. My indoor exercise pool we plan on keeping it at 83 but figure we’ll end up keeping it closer to 86 but this will be our first year with it.

greg: Can’t “set” ours but, I personally like around 84 in the Summer. If it’s cool weather then I’d probably like 87/88.

cham: 85 and above is my spot! I won’t go into a pool it’s it’s under 80 degrees.
We used the liquid pool heater and a solar cover.
Later I’ll add a heater lol.

cher: Whatever the direct sun dictates each day! Usually hotter than Hell here in Fort Worth TX! Lol

jennifer: Whatever the sun has it at. I get excited when it’s cooler than expected .

richard: Southern California sun sets the temp. Yesterday it was 85. It was 72 at the beginning of summer. I can enjoy it in that range, so no heat added to the pool.

vero: No heater
Pool cover for safety
Pool is 100 degrees during summer
Too hot!
We can cool down by leaving cover off but then we have no safety measure.

erik: Not sure yet, our propane heater gets hooked up this weekend. We are in NH I am thinking 83 till October.

windy: We have a bubble wrap solar cover here in PA. It’s 86 today but has gone up to 90 (not refreshing) and down to 78 (harder to get into). Mother nature dictates the temp but our fav is 84. Could stay in that temp all day.

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